Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance (Por Ror Bor)

1. What is the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance (Por Ror Bor)?

Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance, also known as “Por Ror Bor” is a mandatory insurance required by law for all motor vehicles registered with the Department of Land Transport within Thailand. This is to be used as insurance in the event of an emergency when any car has an accident and to ensure compensation for drivers and passengers, including pedestrians.
This type of insurance is required with a vehicle registration manual in order to pay for vehicle tax, which is due every 12 months.

2. Are the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance and the Car Tax (known as Pha-See/Pink sticker) the same?

They are not the same. The Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance is a compulsory insurance law that states every car owner needs to purchase the Insurance and evidence needs to be kept in the vehicle. When an emergency occurs while driving, Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance will help pay damages as required by law. As for the car tax or vehicle registration this must be paid annually as required by law to allow government agencies to contribute tax money to improve road transport operations. Many people tend to believe that the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance and the car tax are the same thing. The process of renewal of these two issues must be carried out concurrently which means if you have not renewed the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance you will not be able to continue with the purchase of your vehicle tax.

3. What does the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance cover?

When an accident occurs between vehicles that have the Compulsory Vehicle Insurance and Car Tax certain compensation is available. Firstly, the Police will decide who is to blame
(right and wrong). Compensation is available to all people involved in the accident as described in 2) a, b, c & d below.
In the event of immediate and emergency medical treatment a smaller amount of compensation (known as Preliminary Compensation) is available to help pay for that treatment as described in 1) a, b & c below.
The driver who is deemed to be the wrong/guilty party will only receive the Preliminary Compensation whilst all others can receive the larger amounts of compensation.

The Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance covers for 2 cases:
1) Damage from a car accident whilst waiting to prove that either party is right or wrong (Preliminary Compensation)
(a) In case of bodily injury will be paid according to the actual medical expenses, up to a maximum of 30,000 baht.
(b) In the event of death Loss of organs, permanent disability, will receive an initial compensation of 35,000 baht.
(c) In the event of death after medical treatment or medical expenses will receive as actually paid up to a maximum of 30,000 baht and funeral expenses up to 35,000 baht, the total must not exceed 65,000 baht.
2) Compensation from a car accident, compensation for the right party after proving which party is right or wrong
(a) 80,000 Baht per person for bodily injury or injury to health.
(b) 500,000 Baht per person for loss of life or total permanent disability.
(c) 200,000 Baht to 500,000 Baht per person for permanent disability or dismemberment according to a scale of compensation.
(d) 200 Baht per day, not more than 20 days for daily compensation in case of hospitalization as an inpatient.
(e) In the event that a victim is the driver of a vehicle that caused the accident only Preliminary Compensation cover will be available as per 1) above.

Maximum coverage for item (1), (2), (3) and (4) combined shall not exceed 504,000 Baht per person

4. If you don't have the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance, what will happen?

If you choose not to renew your Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance as required by law, then you will be subject to legal penalties in case you drive a car whether you own that car or not. It is the owner that must ensure his/her vehicle carries both the Compulsory Insurance and car tax however if an accident occurs from using a vehicle without the compulsory insurance the driver has to pay any resulting damages and compensation personally. And most importantly, you will not be able to renew the tax or renew the car registration.

Please don't forget to check if your vehicle license has expired or not. And does your car have a Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance? Both are required by law and the consequences of ignoring either may cause you unexpected trouble and expense.

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